New Philadelphia Means Business

With the right attitude, desirable locations, skilled work force and excellent accessibility, New Philadelphia, Ohio is a great choice for locating your business. These highly desirable advantages further benefit from a deep, longtime governmental commitment to sustain and grow our solid commercial and industrial business community.  Whether you are a manufacturer, a tech startup, or in the service industry, New Philadelphia, Ohio is the place to be.

You’ll find a high quality of life here for families as well as single employees.  We’re centrally located to major cities such as Columbus, Cleveland and Pittsburgh, we offer plenty of local cultural and recreational choices, and strong primary and higher education options.  All in a safe, serene environment, rooted in a strong work ethic.

We were even named one of the Top 10 Safest and Most Peaceful Places to Live in Ohio!

We are ranked 22nd out of 550 micropolitan areas in the 2018 Policom Micropolitan Economic Rankings.

Spend some time here to learn more about why you should consider New Philadelphia as the home for your business.  Or contact us now:  Call 330-364-4491 ext. 1241 or email