Downtown Revitalization

Downtown Revitalization

A revitalization of downtown New Philadelphia is underway.  The City has put into place incentives that will continue to encourage business growth and improvements that enhance the appearance of the area.

Google Maps view of downtown New Philadelphia

A Downtown Design Standards Review Board has been created to establish guidelines that downtown property owners can use to direct facade improvements and create a more uniform and attractive look to the area.

The downtown Central Business District is included in the City's  Community Reinvestment Area, where property tax abatement is available. In addition, my administration and City Council are working on legislation to create historic districts, which would provide incentives to preserve landmark structures.

Local artists have contributed their talents by painting several new murals in the downtown area. And a thanks to the generosity of a local business owner, a parkette has been constructed at the City parking lot on South Broadway.

For more information, please contact me at or call 330-364-4491 extension 1242.