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John Knisely Municipal Centre

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Mayor’s Report for February 12, 2018

Clarifying how the City Learned of Construction of a Multi-Unit Apartment Complex in Goshen Township

I want to clarify the misinformation that has been spread on social media regarding the City’s involvement in the proposed construction of a multi-unit apartment complex on Goshen Hill Road. Last November, Service Director McAbier received a letter from land owner, Joe Marsh requesting water and sewer service for the project. Because little detail was given, Mr. McAbier responded asking for a preliminary plat, information on any storm water issues and infrastructure plans: the typical details the Service Director needs to know before putting a project before the Planning Commission and City Council for approval. He never received a response from Mr. Marsh, so there was never a discussion of annexation or the City extending water and sewer services into the township for the development.

From a city planning standpoint, I am concerned about the impact this project could have on the Southside neighborhoods, our city streets and our safety forces.  Unless the Goshen trustees can clearly show how this development will benefit New Philadelphia, we will oppose it.

Progress is Being Made on Developing the City’s Master Plan

On February 2nd University of Cincinnati professor Michael McInturf and his team of School of Architecture graduate students returned to New Philadelphia to conduct another data gathering session with members of the City Planning Commission and interested business owners. To develop the master plan, the students have divided the City into four zones: the Central Business District and New Towne Mall, the West High/Bluebell Drive area which they term the “Big Box” zone, the areas that border the Tuscarawas River including the Southside and Industrial Park, and the East High Avenue area which includes the KSU-Tusc campus, the Tech Park, Schoenbrunn Village and Harry Clever Field. These are areas of the City where growth is occurring and should continue into the future. Those who attended the session were divided into groups to share their ideas and opinions of each zone. It was a very productive work session and I am grateful to all who attended.  Professor McInturf said he and his team plan to return to New Philadelphia in April to present the first draft of the master plan.

The Art Community in Downtown New Philadelphia Continues to Grow

With the grand opening of Loves Gallery this past weekend the arts community in downtown New Philadelphia continues to grow. Love’s is located at the gazebo quadrant on North Broadway. It’s exciting to see more businesses being created from the wealth of artistic talent we have in the New Philadelphia community. The Ezekiel Project on Ashwood Lane is looking to expand its business downtown and is planning to host an art festival on Ashwood Lane in the late spring or early summer.

Free Flu Shots are Still Available at the City Health Department for those Residents Without Insurance

City Health Commissioner Vickie Ionno wanted me to remind you that the Health Department still has free flu shots available for residents without insurance. If you have insurance, the cost of the shot will be billed to it. The flu epidemic has not subsided. Commissioner Ionno said while the flu shot may not prevent you from getting the flu, it should lessen the effects and lead to a faster recovery.

Reminders if another Deep Snow Storm Hits the City

If another deep snow storm occurs this winter, please try to avoid parking on the City’s main streets until they have been plowed clear. Our main thoroughfares and hills are top priority for snow plow crews when they are first called out. Then secondary streets and alleys are plowed. If you know of someone who has a medical condition that requires regular visits from nurses or other caregivers, please call the City Garage or Police Department if their street is snowbound. 

Mayor’s Report for January 22, 2018

The Process of Annexing Goshen Township Parcels can proceed

I have received a resolution passed by the Goshen Township board of trustees that authorizes the City to proceed with the annexation of eight parcels of City-owned land at Harry Clever Field and the East Avenue and Evergreen cemeteries. These parcels have been islands of township land within the municipal corporation limits for many years. Bringing them into the City will help with future planning. Mr. President, I ask that these annexations be assigned to the Zoning and Annexation committee so the process can continue.

New Philadelphia City Schools Continue to Improve

Last Friday I attended the New Philadelphia City Schools Community Business Luncheon. Superintendent David Brand touted the improvements being made by the teaching staff and facilities managers to reach the administration’s goals. Business leaders who attended showed interest in participating in the high school mentorship program, which exposes students to the career opportunities that exist in New Philadelphia. The quality of the curriculum and educators in our town gives us a strong economic development advantage over surrounding communities.

Tuscora Park Foundation has a Successful First Fundraiser

There was a great turnout for the Tuscora Park Foundation’s pancake breakfast fundraiser last Saturday morning. Over 140 people attended plus tickets were purchased by donors for all the New Philadelphia High School winter sports teams. The foundation was formed in the fall of 2017 to help raise money to pay for development of the new Southside Community Park and for capital improvements to Tuscora Park and the Waterworks Fields. The Foundation’s board of directors is made up of three Park Board members – Mike Ernest, Tom Farbizo and Jan McInturf,  the City Parks Department Supervisor, the Mayor and three citizen members Darrin Lautenschleger, Don Kemp and Jim Boose. At a recent foundation board meeting, Mike Ernest was elected board president.

Return Visit from the University of Cincinnati Architecture Grad Students

Lead Instructor Michael McInturf plans to bring his graduate students to New Philadelphia on Friday February 2nd to give the Planning Commission an update on the City master plan they are developing. The meeting is scheduled to begin at 1pm in the Council chamber. I would urge all Council members to attend if possible.

Mayor’s Report for January 8, 2018

InSite Advisory Group will Assist in Revising Menard’s CRA Agreement

Jennifer Syx and her Insite Advisory Group of Fairlawn Ohio will assist the City in revising the Community Reinvestment Area property tax abatement agreement with Menard’s Incorporated. Ms. Syx company helped craft the original Menard’s CRA agreement in 2015. It has to be revised to reflect new construction start and completion dates as well as expected employment and payroll numbers. The revisions will require new legislation, which Council would have to approve before construction begins. Ms. Syx is working with Law Director Fete to craft that legislation.

A Reminder of the Services Provided by the New Philadelphia Health Department

After reading the heartbreaking story in Sunday’s Times Reporter about the children affected by the county’s opioid addiction problem, I want to remind New Philadelphia residents that the City Health Department is here to help. If you have an addiction or know someone who does, contact our Heath Department. Health Commissioner Vickie Ionno and Director of Nursing Nicole Bache can recommend treatment programs that can start you on the path to recovery.

City Planning Commission to Discuss Wind Turbine Legislation

At tomorrow’s 1pm monthly meeting, the City Planning Commission will begin discussion on the regulation of future wind turbine construction in the City. Currently, the City does not have proper zoning restrictions, which allowed the wind turbine to be erected at the Schoenbrunn Inn on West High Avenue. The commission will review proposed restrictions written by Mike Scolati, the City’s Zoning and Building Code Administrator.

Welcome to Newly Seated Councilman Lanzer and the Returning Council Members

I would like to welcome newly seated third ward Councilman Dan Lanzer to our City Government, and welcome back re-seated members Maurer, Ramos and Zucal. 2018 is going to be a very busy year for all of us. And I’m looking forward to working side-by-side with you as we continue to improve New Philadelphia and maintain its leadership role in Tuscarawas County.

Praise for City Water Department Crews Repairing Broken Water Lines

After a week of single digit and sub-zero weather, the warmer weekend temperatures caused several water main breaks across the City. It’s during these events when you really appreciate the work of our City Water Department crews, some of which had to endure water up to their knees in an eight foot hole repairing the leaks.

Mayor’s Report for December 28, 2017

Urge Council to Adopt the City’s 2018 Budget Tonight

Mr. President I request that Council suspend its rules and adopt Ordinance 27-2017, which would enact the City’s 2018 budget. I would like to thank Auditor Gundy, Finance Committee chair Lautenschleger, members of the Finance Committee and all City department heads for their help in crafting the budget. It reflects our cautious approach to 2018 as we deal with the uncertainty resulting from the Ohio Legislature’s changes in our income tax law and the outcome of lawsuits that hopefully reverse those changes.

Farewell to Councilman Darrin Lautenschleger

I would like to express my gratitude to Councilman Lautenschleger for his service to our City and his commitment to the improvement of the New Philadelphia community. His accomplishments should serve as a standard for Council members. I wish him the best in his future endeavors.

2017 was a Productive Year for New Philadelphia City Government

2017 was not without its challenges. But overall, this has been another productive year for New Philadelphia city government. For example, with the help of City Council, we were able to take big strides toward developing a new recreation economy, complete major infrastructure projects at the water plant and airport, open a new fire station, and complete a master plan for the new Southside Community Park.

The year’s accomplishments would not have been possible without the guidance and knowledge of Service Director McAbier and the efforts of his team of Service Department supervisors and administrators. And thanks to the leadership of Police Chief Goodwin, Fire Chief Parrish, Health Commissioner Ionno, and Municipal Court judge Von Allman, our City is now fully engaged in developing solutions to opioid addiction that includes intervention and treatment for addicts, and the conviction of drug dealers.

I would be remiss if I did not include the role Law Director Fete has played in making 2017’s achievements possible. His authoring of legislation and legal advice has been essential in the actions taken by the Administration and Council.

Lastly I would like to thank our entire city workforce for their efforts this year. They have kept our neighborhoods and business districts safe, our infrastructure in good repair and have improved our processes and customer service.

A full accounting of my Administration’s accomplishments in 2017 will be made when I issue my second State of the City Report early next year.

Mayor’s Report for December 11, 2017

Doris and Floyd Kimble Foundation Awards $20,000 for Muny Court Lighting Upgrade

Last week the City received a $20,000 grant from the Doris and Floyd Kimble Foundation to fund an upgrade to LED lighting in the Municipal Court building. I would like to thank the Kimble Foundation for this generosity, which allows the $80,000 project to get underway. Once completed, Court officials estimate the LED lighting will save $3,500 per year in electrical costs.

Menard’s Starts Planning for the Spring 2018 Construction of its Store and Warehouse

Last Thursday City officials met with Menard’s real estate representative Rodney Wekkin to begin planning for construction of the company’s new store and warehouse on Bluebell Drive NW.  We discussed the construction permitting process and revisions that need to be made to the Community Reinvestment Area tax abatement agreement approved by City Council in 2015. Mr. Wekkin told us that the warehouse will be larger than originally planned. Construction is scheduled to begin in April or May of 2018 and will take a year to complete.

New Philadelphia Hires its First Female Firefighter/EMT-Paramedic

I am proud to announce that this morning I had the honor of giving the oath of office to Jamie Burgasser of North Canton, who became the City’s first female firefighter/EMT-Paramedic. Thanks to the forward-thinking of Chief Parrish, the City’s new firehouse includes living quarters and other accommodations for women. Mrs. Burgasser formerly worked as a paramedic for Summa Akron General Hospital and a firefighter/paramedic at the Bolivar Fire Dept.

Goshen Township Trustees Help the Southside Community Park Development

The Goshen Township board of trustees has approved a resolution to support the application for Clean Ohio Conservation Fund grant money to fund the initial development of the Southside Community Park. The City is seeking grant money to begin constructing a new road into the park from Oldtown Valley Road and develop a multi-use green space, dog park and pavilion and playground in a wooded area. I am grateful to the Goshen trustees for their support and recognition of how the new park will benefit our community.

Merry Christmas to All

The Mayor’s office would like to wish everyone in our community a Merry Christmas and a joyous holiday season. If you have family coming to town to celebrate with you, take them to view Storybook Lane at Tuscora Park, to Christmas in the Park this Sunday, and downtown to view the Christmas decorations, to shop and to enjoy the holiday specials at our local restaurants.

Mayor’s Report for November 27, 2017

Homeless Shelter Officials Search for Additional Space

Last Monday I met with Calvin White and Jack Reem of the county Friends of the Homeless organization to discuss the need for, what they called, a “drop in” facility. This is a place where transient people can find shelter and a hot meal for an overnight stay. They said there is a growing need for such a facility in the area, and that they are looking for any available buildings with adequate space. Mr. White said the local homeless shelter is full so it can’t accommodate drop-ins.

City Park Board Approves New Contracts with RTY, Inc. for Tuscora Park Operations

At its monthly meeting last Wednesday, the City Park Board approved new contracts with RTY, Inc to operate the rides, concessions and the teen center at Tuscora Park. Revisions were made to improve operations while keeping the cost of rides and concessions affordable. The City will continue to provide security and custodial services and be responsible for the upkeep of the buildings used by RTY. The new contracts also give RTY the opportunity to recoup losses from down years with the Park Board’s approval. The intent there is to assure that enough money is available for necessary maintenance and repairs to the park rides.

Annual Christmas Lighting Ceremony and Parade is on Friday

The annual Christmas lighting ceremony is scheduled to start at 6pm this Friday at the downtown gazebo. Following the ceremony Santa Claus will be coming to town in the annual City Christmas Parade, which will step off from Tuscora Park and end at the downtown square. One of the parade highlights will be the delivery of a new Santa house to the Courthouse Square. I thank Lowe’s and all the volunteer workers who built the new Santa house and donated it to our community. Wait until you see it!

Planning Commission Approves a Rezoning Request and Sends It to Council for Approval

At its November 15th meeting, the City Planning Commission approved a request by Pat Cooper to have his property at 1416 Kaderly Street NW rezoned from residential to business. He has been operating his accounting business and his wife her respite care for families of mentally and physically challenged individuals under a temporary variance for nearly a year. Mr. Cooper explained that the Board of Zoning Appeals granted the variance with the understanding that he would apply for rezoning. The matter has now been assigned to Council’s Zoning and Annexation for consideration and final approval.

Mayor’s Report for November 13, 2017

Top Concerns Among Members of the Ohio Municipal League

The State’s violation of the Ohio Constitution in attempting to collect local business net profits tax and Ohio’s opioid epidemic dominated discussions at the Ohio Municipal League’s annual conference, which I attended in Columbus on November 1st and 2nd. During a two hour panel discussion with municipal income tax administrators and tax lawyers, we learned that the State Tax Commissioner is already planning to take the next step, which is to seize municipality’s authority to collect business payroll tax. I left the conference with a more hardened resolve that joining now over 100 Ohio municipalities in suing the State to stop this unconstitutional overreach is the right thing to do for New Philadelphia. Again, I urge the Finance Committee to bring Ordinance 21-2017 to the floor with a recommendation for passage by the whole Council.

Mayors and Council members in attendance at the conference shared their concerns over the growing opioid epidemic and discussed what measures need to be taken to end it. Several communities have established opioid task forces, like the one recently created here in Tuscarawas County. Some OML members, including myself, pointed out that if the State continues to seize local governments’ operating money, it will be very difficult to hire more police officers to fight the opioid problem from the law enforcement side.

Tour of the Community Hospice Truman House

This past Thursday Health Commissioner Vickie Ionno, my Executive Assistant Mary Ann Otte and myself had the opportunity to take our first visit to the Community Hospice Truman House on Commercial Avenue SW.  President and CEO Norm Mast gave us a personal tour of the facility, which now employs over 200 people and serves Tuscarawas, Stark, Carroll, Columbiana and Coshocton counties. Truman House has become a premier non-profit provider of hospice services because of the vision and commitments of its board of directors, leadership and medical staffs, its volunteer staff – which now numbers over 500 people, and because of the monetary support of individuals and groups in each county.

Rotary’s 100th Anniversary Celebration

Tomorrow at a Noon ceremony on the Tuscora Park boardwalk, the New Philadelphia Rotary Club will celebrate its 100th year of service to our community. Founded by local business leaders in 1917 to support the home front during World War One, Rotary became the driving force behind many projects and improvements in New Philadelphia, most notably its work at Tuscora Park, the founding of what is now the Rainbow Connection local health charity and downtown revitalization.

On the behalf of all New Philadelphia citizens, I thank the Rotary Club for its love of and commitment to our community. For any organization to be in service for 100 years speaks to the character and quality of its members.

Ribbon Cutting at Off the Wall Music Store

There will be another celebration this week in New Philadelphia. Friday at 3pm Off the Wall Ministry will host a ribbon-cutting and grand opening ceremony at its new music store at 138  East High Avenue, next door to City Hall. When a new business opens in our town, it’s a good day. Extensive renovations have been done to the interior of the store. And the fact that it’s a music store is another step in the arts movement that is evolving in our downtown area. I’m told that the Off the Wall music store will offer lessons as well as music and instrument sales.

Mayor’s Report for October 23, 2017

University of Cincinnati Graduate Students Work on a City Master Plan

New Philadelphia native Michael McInturf is a lead instructor at the University of Cincinnati’s School of Architecture. Over the past eight months, he and I have discussed the possibility of having a team of his graduate school students take on the assignment of creating a plan that would help guide the City’s future. The possibility became a reality. The City Planning Commission held its first meeting with professor McInturf and his four graduate students last Thursday. The purpose was to gather more data about New Philadelphia for use in developing the plan. It will incorporate the City’s street layout, architecture, history, assets like the Tuscarawas River, airport and the KSU-Tusc campus and the City’s location in Eastern Ohio. All who attended the meeting were excited to learn of the team’s approach and look forward to the next meeting later this year. Professor McInturf is the brother of local realtor Jan McInturf and was looking for a way to use his position and knowledge to help his hometown.

Joining a Coalition of Ohio Municipalities to Challenge the Constitutionality of the Ohio Legislature’s Changes to Ohio Revised Code Chapter 718

The proposed Ordinance 21-2017 now being considered by Council’s Finance Committee would give me the authority to include the City of New Philadelphia in a coalition of cities and villages across Ohio that may sue the General Assembly for amendments it has made to ORC 718, the municipal income tax law.  The coalition members are demanding recension of the amendments because they violate the Ohio Constitutional authority given to municipalities to collect and keep income tax to operate city services. I ask that the Finance Committee review the proposed legislation and the $4000.00 cost of joining the coalition’s lawsuit.

A Healthy New Philadelphia School District is Key to a Healthy City

When business owners and developers ask me to name the key assets of the City of New Philadelphia, I always include the list of our educational institutions: Kent State-Tuscarawas, Buckeye Career Center, Tuscarawas Central Catholic High School, Quaker Digital Academy and New Philadelphia City Schools. No other community in Tuscarawas County has more educational opportunities. That’s a fact that makes employers want to stay in New Philadelphia and makes new businesses want to locate here. Our education systems give us a competitive edge.  Our future sustainability and growth directly relates to the quality of education we can provide to kids and adults.

I bring this to your attention because New Philadelphia City Schools has an important issue on the November election ballot. It addresses the need to maintain school buildings and infrastructure and address class sizes. It’s important that you know all about this issue before casting your ballot.

Colfax Hires a New Realtor to Market the Howden Buffalo Property

I received a call last Friday from Michael Howard, vice president of CBRE brokerage services of Cleveland. He informed me that Colfax, Howden Buffalo’s parent company, has retained his company in an attempt to find a buyer for the Howden property. CBRE replaces Putman Properties of Canton. Mr. Howard was aware that the Appalachian Partnership for Economic Growth, or APEG, has arranged for an Italian steel manufacturer to tour the Howden property the week of November 12th. Colfax agreed to repair the overhead lights inside the buildings after I explained that this could be the first serious buyer to tour the plant since it was closed nearly five years ago.

Philly-Dover Week is Here!

Events leading up to Friday night’s big game began this past Saturday morning, with the first Rotary Sportsmanship Breakfast at Buckeye Career Center. It was moved from Monday evening at the request of both schools athletic directors and head coaches, in order to remove one less distraction from preparations for the game. From the reaction of all who attended, the change was welcome.

 I ask all New Philadelphia residents to proudly wear your Red and Black this week, and attend the annual pep rally Thursday at 7 at the high school gym. I like our Quakers chances, though this one is shaping up to be another nail biter. Can’t wait. GO QUAKERS!!!

Mayor’s Report for October 9, 2017

Security Cameras are being installed at Tuscora Park

Pioneer 360, a New Philadelphia technology company, has begun the installation of security cameras at Tuscora Park. The City Park Board recommended the installation after learning that the instances of vandalism at the park have increased.

The City Owns the Former Riverview Welding Property on South Broadway

Last week the donation of the former Riverview Welding property to the City was completed. Clean Ohio grant money will be used to develop a boat launch and parking area on the property. This will allow canoeists and kayakers to begin utilizing the Tuscarawas River for recreational purposes. There are also plans to bring the Ohio and Erie Canal Towpath Trail to that location. I would like to thank Joe and Cheryl Coniglio of Dover for the property donation. It will help enhance the recreational opportunities offered at the Waterworks park.  

Using Bike Trails to Connect New Philadelphia to Surrounding Communities

On Wednesday I will be attending another meeting with local government, business and county officials who have joined forces to help develop bicycle trails to and through New Philadelphia. The group is identifying routes that can be marked to connect the City to surrounding communities and connect businesses and attractions within the City. This is a collaborative effort with the Ohio and Erie Canal Coalition and the Ohio Rails to Trails group, which are working on trail development from Cleveland to New Philadelphia, then onto Uhrichsville and Dennison and eventually to Pittsburgh and Columbus. Bike trail development utilizes the natural beauty and tourism attractions we have in Tuscarawas County, and will help boost the local economy and employment.  This is a prime example of using what we have to generate dollars and jobs.

Menard’s Plans to Start Construction of its New Philadelphia Store in 2018

Rodney Wekkin, Menard’s real estate representative, informed me last Friday that the company still plans to start construction of its New Philadelphia store in the spring of 2018. Mr. Wekkin said he will be coming to New Philadelphia within the next two months to provide a more detailed update and discuss the Community Reinvestment Area agreement that Council has approved to help with the store’s development.

Annual Fall Festival is on October 15th at Tuscora Park

The annual Fall Festival at Tuscora Park is this Sunday October 15th from 4-7pm. See you there!

Mayor’s Report for September 25, 2017

City Planning Commission Recommends Annexation of City-Owned Land

At its September 12th monthly meeting, the City Planning Commission recommended that the administration proceed with an annexation request to the Goshen Township Board of Trustees. There are eight parcels of City-owned land in the township – three within the footprint of Harry Clever Field and five within the footprint of the City’s East Avenue and Evergreen cemeteries. I have written a letter to the Goshen trustees asking that they approve the request, which is the first step in the annexation process. The commission recognizes that islands of township land within our municipal corporation limits impedes future planning for the City’s development and growth.

I Urge City Council to Pass Ordinance 20-2017 on its Third Reading Tonight

We are all aware of the need for new City cemetery land. By approving Ordinance 20-2017, this City Council will have the distinction of being the council that addressed that need. I thank Service Director McAbier, Law Director Fete, Cemetery Superintendent Herron and City Council members for their hard work and commitment to make this opportunity possible.

Nine New Downtown Parking Spaces

Another benefit of building a new City Fire Department building is the creation of nine new parking spaces in the downtown area. The spaces are located on the east side of 2nd Street across from the old fire station along the curb by the Emmanuel Lutheran Church buildings.

A New Non-Profit Foundation will Assist in the Development of the City Park System

The newly created Tuscora Park Foundation has agreed to become a third party easement holder for development of several areas of the Southside Community Park. Criteria of Clean Ohio grant funding prohibit the City from applying for improvement money for land it already owns. Instead, a third party entity, like a non-profit foundation, can apply for the grant as an easement holder. The Tuscora Park Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) charity created to accept donations and fund improvements to all City parks. Its formation is the result of the City Park Board looking for ways to supplement the efforts of RTY at Tuscora Park and generate additional funds for maintenance, repairs and development at all parks. The foundation’s board consists of the Mayor, the City Parks Superintendent and three members of the City Park Board. Board member and attorney Mike Ernest developed the bylaws for the foundation and applied for its IRS 501(c) (3) status.

Honoring Sgt. Randy Williamson on his Retirement from the City Police Force

I would like to take this opportunity to salute Sergeant Randy Williamson, who is retiring from the City police force. Sergeant Williamson served the citizens and businesses of New Philadelphia for 27 years. And he set the standard for the duties of the K9 officer in our department. Being a police officer takes an extraordinary commitment to serve and protect our community. These are very challenging times, and I urge all New Philadelphians to thank our police officers for their service at every opportunity. That recognition means a lot to them.

Mayor’s Report for September 11, 2017

Help for the Victims of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma

I urge all New Philadelphians to do what they can to assist in the Hurricane Harvey recovery effort in Texas and Louisiana, and in the states being hit by Hurricane Irma. The Salvation Army, the Red Cross and many faith-based and private disaster response organizations are accepting monetary donations, as well as donations of canned food and cleaning supplies. Work teams of volunteers are also needed. Recovery from these storms will take years and the commitment of an army of volunteers.

Remembering 9/11 and New Philadelphia’s First Responders

Today American flags were flown at half-staff to remember the victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks 16 years ago. It’s also a day to honor the bravery of first responders and other American citizens on that day. Today our nation’s fight against terrorism is joined by a battle against opioid addiction: a battle that we face in our own town.  Once again, our first responders are being called upon to save lives. And they’re putting their lives on the line to hunt down drug traffickers and dealers. Please support them and pray with them for courage and protection.

J-N-G Grill Celebrates its 70th Year as a New Philadelphia Business

This coming Saturday, September 16th, the J-N-G Grill will be celebrating its 70th anniversary as a New Philadelphia business. Since its establishment by the Comanita family in 1947, the restaurant has become a downtown institution and is likely to be the City’s oldest business operating under the same name. I would like to thank the past owners for their efforts and thank current owner Ron Rosenthal for his commitment to keep the J-N-G alive and well in downtown New Philadelphia.

Welcome Pioneer 360 into the New Philadelphia Business Community

I would like to welcome Pioneer 360 into the New Philadelphia business community. The technology company has moved from its Dover location into the former Red Cross building on 4th Street NW in New Philadelphia. The new location will enable the company to expand its services and its staff, which presently numbers 32 employees.

The 20th Summer Showcase Season Ends with a Retirement Announcement

The 20th season of RTY’s Summer Showcase concert series ended on September 3rd with the annual performance by the Tuscarawas Philharmonic Orchestra. Before the music played, Summer Showcase producer Sam Hitchcock announced his retirement and introduced his successors Joe and Mindy Croft. I would like to thank Sam for developing the concert series as a main summer attraction at Tuscora Park, where people of all ages gather to enjoy live musical performances. I know it was a tough decision. But the good news is president Hitchcock still has a number of hats he will continue to wear in service to our community.

Tuscora Park Tennis Courts Construction Update

Last week the installation of new energy efficient LED lights were completed at the Tuscora Park tennis courts. This week, Vasco Sports should complete the application of the surface finish coats and begin striping the courts. Construction is moving ahead as scheduled. We anticipate the new courts will be open for play within the next two weeks. An official opening ceremony is being planned by Parks Superintendent Rod Miller, the date to be announced.

The Date is set for the City’s Annual Halloween Trick or Treat Night

The date for New Philadelphia’s annual Halloween Trick or Treat Night is on Tuesday, October 31st. And the time is from 6pm to 8pm. 

Mayor’s Report for August 28, 2017

Tear Down Order Issued for the Former Hong Kong Buffet Building on West High Ave

I am happy to report that a tear down order has been issued to the owners of the building at 1216 West High Avenue – the former Hong Kong Buffet building. The order was issued by the City’s Building and Zoning Code Administrator Mike Scolati following a re-inspection of the building by the Fire Chief. The order gives the owners the option to tear down the building immediately at their cost or the City will do it and assess the cost to the property’s real estate taxes. I would like to thank Law Director Fete for the work he has done to streamline the process to remove neglected and unsafe structures in the City. With this new process in place, Mr. Scolati has targeted several other structures in New Philadelphia for tear down orders.

Thank You Julie Leavengood Stephon for your Leadership of the NPBCA

This past week Julie Leavengood Stephon announced that she is resigning her position as director of the New Philadelphia Business and Community Association to take a new job with the County Convention and Visitors Bureau. On behalf of the citizens of New Philadelphia, I would like to thank Julie for her service and for creating events like Second Saturdays that brought the community downtown for fun and fellowship. It is my hope that the new director continues her effort to grow the association’s membership. The organization exists to sustain local businesses and to create a network for New Philadelphia business owners, small and large, to share ideas and learn from each other.

Tuscora Park Tennis Courts Project Update

Construction of the new tennis courts at Tuscora Park remains on schedule for a mid-September completion. The installation of new fencing and net posts began last week. Vasco Sports will return next week to begin applying the finish coats to the new court surfaces. In a related note, because of an increase in vandalism at Tuscora Park, the administration is exploring ways to enhance security and surveillance in the park.

New Uses for the Old Fire Station

Once this evening’s City Auction is finished and the auctioned items removed, the Police Department will be using the South bay of the old fire station. The North bay is being leased to Buckeye Career Center, where its adult education firefighting and emergency medical technician classes will be held. The City will be paid $750 per month by Buckeye. Also, the upstairs of the old fire house will house the Safety Director’s office, police records and possibly the Municipal Court probation department. 

Mayor’s Report for August 14, 2017

Lucas Moreland Appointed to City Planning Commission

Last week Jackie Triplett informed me that she could no longer serve on the City Planning Commission because of a work conflict. That created a vacancy on the Commission that I filled with the appointment of Lucas Moreland of New Philadelphia. Mr. Moreland is a sales representative for ChemSpec, and a Walsh University and New Philadelphia High School graduate. He represents the generation of young business professionals in New Philadelphia that must have a voice in the city’s future planning.

Exploring the Use of Solar Energy to Power the Waste Water Treatment Plant

On July 31st Service Director McAbier and I traveled to Newcomerstown to meet with Mayor Pat Cadle to learn about his plan to use solar power to provide electricity to the village’s waste water treatment plant. His research has shown that the village could substantially reduce the plant’s electrical costs with solar power. So the village is proceeding with its plan to have solar panels installed at the plant this fall. When he was principal at Newcomerstown’s West Elementary School, Mayor Cadle had a successful experience with solar power. Service Director McAbier and I want to learn if it would be a cost effective means for New Philadelphia to power our waste water treatment plant.

2018 Budget Process is Underway

Department heads are finalizing their 2018 appropriations budgets. August 31st is their deadline for having them submitted to Auditor Gundy and myself. We will then use them to craft the 2018 City budget, which we plan to submit to the Finance Committee by early October. Even though City income tax collections seems to be lagging slightly behind last year’s pace, I anticipate we will end the year ahead of last year’s revenue total. New Philadelphia has added more new businesses this year than have closed. And many of our existing businesses have increased employment and are growing. The changes made by the Ohio Legislature to income tax law have affected the way revenue is collected from businesses. The result is, to us, abnormal fluctuations in monthly tax collection amounts.

Today’s Review Meeting with Federal Aviation Administration Officials

City administrators, Airport Operator Eric Hubbard and several Airport Commission members met with FAA officials this morning at the Harry Clever Field conference room. The meeting was requested by the FAA Detroit office for fiscal year 2018 planning purposes. The status of the airport master plan was discussed, as well as property acquisition, removing runway obstructions and airport projects. The officials also wanted to learn of the airport’s future priorities.

Mayor’s Report for July 24, 2017

Chipotle’s Ribbon Cutting and Grand Opening Set for July 29th

The new Chipotle Restaurant on Bluebell Drive will have its official ribbon-cutting and grand opening on Saturday July 29th. According to Chipotle’s marketing specialist Katie Hanna, the restaurant’s new employees will undergo training over the next couple of weeks in preparation for the grand opening. She told me that Chipotle is excited to be joining the growing family of New Philadelphia businesses.

Meanwhile, Smoke the Burger Joint has begun construction of its restaurant in the same building at the Shops at Bluebell Drive location. Its opening date is to be announced.

Update on the Tuscora Park Tennis Court Project

The project contractor, Vasco Sports, reports that the construction timetable is still as scheduled despite the recent rainfall. When the asphalt was removed from the surface, it revealed a poor underlying soil composition on the lower courts that will require modifications to the original plans for drainage. Ten inch corrugated drainage pipe will be installed around the perimeter of the courts.  Provided the weather cooperates, the project is expected to be completed by mid to late September.

RTY, Inc. Contracts with the City are being Revised

Members of the City administration and the Parks and Recreation Board have been working with representatives of RTY, Inc. to revise the group’s contracts for rides, concessions and the Teen Center at Tuscora Park. The agreements have not been updated since the year 2008. I felt it was time they were revised to reflect the changes that have been made at the park since that time. I have recommended that language be written into new agreements that allows RTY to offset losses, so it has enough revenue to maintain the rides, concessions and Teen Center in the future. 

Community Support of Projects that will Shape the Future

I would like to congratulate and thank the organizers of the Dale Lauren Foland Tuscarawas County Manufacturing camp for again, showing the young people in our community the diversity of local manufacturing jobs that could be available to them upon graduation from high school or college. And I also congratulate Rick Arredondo and Kris Lemmon on the success their Ezekiel Project is having for recovering addicts and thank them for bringing more artistic expression into downtown New Philadelphia.

Mayor’s Report for July 10, 2017

Commend the New Philadelphia Police Department TAC Team for its Work in Apprehending a Drug Dealer

I would like to publicly commend the work of detectives Chaz Willet and Shawn Nelson and members of the New Philadelphia Police Department Tactical Response Team for apprehending a known drug dealer last week. On Thursday, the detectives found enough evidence to obtain a warrant to send the TAC team into a house at 244 Minnich Avenue NW. The suspected drug dealer was not home at the time, but was arrested the following morning when he returned. Dover police and the Sheriff’s department provided valuable assistance in this operation. This is just a start. I, Chief Goodwin and all members of the New Philadelphia Police Department are putting drug dealers in this town on notice that you are not welcome here. We will find you and we will bring you to justice. For those New Philadelphia residents battling drug addictions, we want to help you. Please reach out to us. Come to the City Health Department. We have programs that will help you beat your addiction and regain your health and your life.

Hats off to the First Town Days Festival Committee for Another Successful Celebration

The only downside of the 40th First Town Days Festival was the rain out of the annual City softball doubleheader. I want to thank the members of the Festival Committee for their hard work in creating another successful celebration. The fireworks display was outstanding and the addition of the Rotary Club’s boardwalk and gazebo made the setting at Tuscora Park all the better.

The New Tennis Courts Construction Project is Underway at Tuscora Park

The day following the close of the festival, Vasco Sports Contractors of Massillon got the new tennis courts construction project underway at Tuscora Park. Construction will proceed over the next eight to nine weeks. Visitors to the park should be aware that construction vehicles will be using Al Maloney Drive. It’s possible that the road could be closed from time to time.

New Uses for the Old Fire Station

This past Thursday Service Director McAbier and I met at the former fire station with Superintendent Bob Alsept, Adult Education Director Frank Polen and Maintenance Supervisor Kelly Ricklic of Buckeye Career Center. Buckeye is interested in leasing one bay of the building for its adult education fire and EMS program. Mr. Alsept and I will discuss a lease agreement over the next couple of weeks. If an agreement can be reached, I will ask that it be assigned to the appropriate Council committee and brought to the floor for consideration.

Officials at Diversified Engineering have assured us that the building will remain structurally sound as long as vehicles with the weight of fire trucks are not parked in it.It is my intention to allow the police department to use the other bay for its purposes.

Smoke the Burger Joint to Start Construction of its Bluebell Drive Restaurant

Gregg Bartlow, vice-president of restaurant operation for Smoke the Burger Joint, has informed me that construction will begin on the new restaurant. The company was waiting for approval of its Federal Small Business Administration loan to finance the project. That approval came last week.

New State Biennium Budget Removes More Operating Money from the City

I want to make City Council members and New Philadelphia citizens aware of another victory for State government in its ongoing effort to take control of collection of our tax dollars. Included in the new State biennium budget is a provision that gives businesses the option of allowing the State Treasurer to collect local business net profits tax dollars and charge municipalities an administration fee to do so. That removes more operating dollars from the City budget and will put more pressure on Council and the administration to maintain our level of city services with less money. While Governor Kasich and Ohio legislators boast that they are pro-business, continually finding ways to take operating money away from municipalities will, in my mind, hurt our local businesses and discourage new business growth. Not having enough revenue to maintain our safety forces, traffic signalization and street repair and paving for instance, could discourage employers from being here or consider coming here to do business.

Mayor’s Report for June 26, 2017

 The Transition into the New Fire Station is Underway

 I would like to thank everyone who attended the new fire station dedication ceremony this past Saturday. The unofficial count put the crowd at well over 1000 people. I think the biggest smile of the day was worn by Fire Chief Jim Parrish, who we all know poured his heart and soul into the project once he was given the green light by the New Philadelphia community. This week Chief Parrish will oversee the final steps in the transition into the new station. I have asked Service Director McAbier to arrange for a structural engineer to thoroughly inspect the old station before deciding what its new purpose will be.

 The Timken Foundation Grants $25,000 Toward the Tuscora Park Tennis Courts Project

 Last Friday Park Board president Don Kemp received the welcomed news that the Timken Foundation had awarded a $25,000 grant to help fund construction of the new tennis courts at Tuscora Park. This amount assures that all the goals of the project will be met. Last week the board also learned that the electrical service to the tennis courts extends to other areas along Al Maloney Drive. Therefore, the start of the construction project will be delayed until after the First Town Days Festival.

 Dedication of The Rotary Club’s Boardwalk and Pavilion

 Construction of the New Philadelphia Rotary Club’s boardwalk and pavilion at Tuscora Park has been completed. A public dedication ceremony is set for 5pm this Wednesday June 28th. Please attend if you can because the Rotary Club deserves our thanks. The club members are committed to keeping Tuscora Park the star attraction in our community. Their gift of the boardwalk project commemorates the club’s 100th year anniversary.

 Celebrating the 40th First Town Days Festival

 I want to applaud the efforts of the members of the First Town Days Festival committee. Because of their hard work and commitment, we will celebrate the opening of the 40th annual festival this Friday. Congratulations to newly crown festival queen Ashley Dickey. I look forward to joining her and members of her court in welcoming the community along the midway and at the family events scheduled during the five day celebration.

Mayor’s Report for June 12, 2017

The Grant Application Process is Underway for the Southside Community Park

This morning I hosted a meeting with grant writers from the Ohio Mid-Eastern Governments Association. It marked the start of the grant application process to raise funding for the Southside Community Park master plan. Several sources of grant funding were discussed, and an was action plan developed. The Park Board, County officials and OMEGA will work together throughout the summer on this process. The City’s biggest challenge will be coming up with matching monies for the grants.

Tennis Courts Construction will Begin Within the Next Two Weeks

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources notified my office last week that the City could proceed with construction of the new tennis courts at Tuscora Park. The contractor is the same that will be removing the turf at Woody Hayes Quaker Stadium this week. Once that job is complete, the contractor will start on the tennis courts project. The tennis courts will be closed during the construction period. Also remember that Maloney Drive and Bill Kidd Drive are construction areas and could be closed from time to time.

The Rotary Club’s Boardwalk and Pavilion Construction is Nearly Complete

Contractors are putting the finishing touches on the Rotary Club’s boardwalk and pavilion project at Tuscora Park. The official ribbon cutting ceremony is set for Wednesday June 28th at 5pm. The structure is a beautiful addition to the park. The City Park Board will be working with the Rotary Club to develop a maintenance plan and guidelines for its use for special occasions.

Construction of the New City Fire Station is also Nearing Completion

Completion of the new fire station construction is near as preparations continue to hold the building’s official dedication ceremony on Saturday June 24th. I urge all New Philadelphia residents and business owners to plan to attend the dedication and enjoy all the activities scheduled for that day. It’s a historic event, because New Philadelphia has not celebrated the opening of a new fire station for 112 years.

Tuscarawas County is Assisting the City in Finding a Buyer for the Howden Buffalo Property

Thanks to the efforts of County Commissioner Joe Sciaretti and County Economic Development Director Scott Reynolds, a representative of the Appalachian Partnership for Economic Growth came to New Philadelphia last week to tour the Howden Buffalo property. APEG specializes in retaining and attracting manufacturers into our region. The APEG rep was very impressed with the facility, and pledged to help market it to potential buyers.

The Economic Development and Finance Alliance of Tuscarawas County Gives Preliminary Approval to Funding New Hangar Construction at Harry Clever Field

Harry Eadon, the executive director of the Economic Development and Finance Alliance of Tuscarawas County, informed me last week that the EDFA’s board of directors has given preliminary approval to funding construction of new hangars at the airport. A financing agreement with the City is being drawn up by the EDFA’s attorney. Once received, I will bring it to City Council for review and approval.

Potential Advertising on City Sanitation Trucks

Tom Farbizo has approached me with an idea to have the Quaker Digital Academy contract with the City to place advertising on sanitation trucks. It would be an arrangement similar to the one being used to replace windows in the main hangar at Harry Clever Field. I’ve asked Tom to attend tonight’s meeting and will yield time to him to further explain his idea to City Council.

Recognition of Charlyn Menapace

Mr. President I would like to take the remainder of my time to read a proclamation honoring Charlyn Menapace for her years of service to New Philadelphia City Schools and our community.

Mayor’s Report for May 22, 2017

Solid Waste Management District Fully Funds an Assessment of the City’s Curbside Waste and Recycling Collection Program

During its recent Board of Directors meeting, the Stark-Wayne-Tusc Solid Waste Management District voted to fully fund an assessment of the City’s curbside waste and recycling collection program. Service Director McAbier and I have discussed the need for this efficiency study with the District’s executive director David Held. The City of Canton is also undergoing a similar assessment at no cost. The study will be conducted by GT Environmental of Stow, Ohio and should start sometime in June. According to director Held, the assessment will identify areas in our curbside collection program where efficiencies and cost savings can be realized.

Special Cemetery Board Meeting on Wednesday to Discuss Land Acquisition

The Cemetery Board will hold a special meeting on Wednesday at nine a.m. to discuss making a recommendation to Council to purchase nine acres of land in Goshen Township for cemetery use. Service Director McAbier has been in discussion with the land owner about the purchase. No cemetery endowment money would be used for the purchase. It would be paid from fund 814 Evergreen/Burial Park. I will ask the board to stipulate in its recommendation that a portion of each lot sale be paid back into that fund. Once the board’s recommendation is made I will ask the Law Director to prepare the proper legislation and ask that it be assigned to the Parks and Cemetery Committee for consideration.

Thanks to the Volunteers Who Delivered and Hung the Hanging Flower Baskets Downtown and the Rotary Club for Flying American Flags

The beauty of downtown New Philadelphia was kicked up a notch on Saturday thanks to the volunteers who hung the hanging flower baskets on the street light poles. I want to thank the members of the New Philadelphia Business and Community Association and Buckeye Career Center for their efforts and the floral artists at Buckeye for designing the beautiful baskets. I also thank the Rotary Club for hanging the American flags downtown again this year. Together the flowers and flags make our downtown beautiful and unique, and a welcome sign that summer in New Philadelphia is upon us.

Annual Memorial Day Parade and Tribute is Monday May 29th

The New Philadelphia Veterans Coordinating Committee will hold the New Philadelphia Memorial Day Parade and Tribute program on Monday, May 29th. The parade will assemble at 10am at the First Christian Church parking lot and will proceed down West High Avenue to the Courthouse for the tribute program. A luncheon will be held at the VFW Post 1445 afterward for all veterans, honorees and guests. In case of inclement weather, the parade will be cancelled and the tribute will be held in the New Philadelphia High School gymnasium.

The Annual City Auction will be held in August

The annual city auction has been scheduled to be held on Monday August 28th. This is the first notice to all department heads to gather up auction items. Once the law director writes the annual auction legislation I will ask that it be assigned to the proper Council committee for consideration.

Mayor’s Report for May 8, 2017

Update on New Hangar Construction at Harry Clever Field

Last Friday, Service Director McAbier, Airport Commission member Don Kennedy and myself met with executive director Harry Eadon of the Economic Development and Finance Alliance of Tuscarawas County, to learn if the EDFA could help with construction of new hangars at Harry Clever Field. After explaining the project to Mr. Eadon, he told us there are several ways the EDFA could assist with the hangar project, including possible financing and construction. He said he would consult with the county commissioners to perhaps make this a joint City, County, EDFA effort. 
Meanwhile, as requested, City airport consultant Kevin Sigg of Michael Baker International has written a letter that details the City’s ownership of Harry Clever Field through the eyes of the Federal Aviation Administration. I will be sending the letter to local lenders to address the confusion over the airport’s ownership. I am still awaiting the letter I’ve requested from Rea and Associates that explains and corrects the erroneous statement in past City annual financial statements that was the cause of the confusion and lenders’ concern.

Ulta Beauty Opens at New Towne Mall

I want to welcome Ulta Beauty to the New Philadelphia Business Community. This past week Ulta opened its new store at New Towne Mall, much to the delight of many residents. Over the past several weeks I received many inquiries about Ulta’s opening, almost as many as Starbucks. I want to thank New Towne Mall manager Jason Jordan for his hard work in bringing Ulta to New Philadelphia, and for his ongoing efforts to retain businesses, attract new businesses and create jobs at the mall.

On a related note, I’ve learned that Starbucks on Bluebell Drive and the Goo Goo Car Wash on West High Avenue both plan to be open for business by the end of the month.

New City Website is Online

I would like to thank City Information Specialist Jeff Erb and Lisa Geers of Whitemyer Advertising for the work they’ve put in to give the City’s website a complete new design. It’s now online at There are still a few tweaks that need to be done. The goal of the redesign was to make the site more user friendly and make it easier to access documents and City departments.

A Recent Meeting with Howden Buffalo Officials

The morning following the last City Council meeting I met with officials of Howden Buffalo and Howden’s parent company Colfax Corporation to learn if progress is being made in selling the vacant plant. They asked for the meeting after I had expressed my frustration with the buildings being vacant for nearly four years and what I felt was a lack of effort by Howden’s real estate agent in marketing the property. Tomas Horak, Colfax Regional Category Manager, told me that there are two parties interested, but the environmental issue at the property is still a sticking point. Last week at his request, I send him the documents I received from the Ohio EPA that state the site can be used for commercial, as well as industrial development. And I told him that New Philadelphia, and county and state officials, stand ready to assist in the sale in any way we can.

The First Downtown Second Saturday Celebration is this Saturday

A reminder that the New Philadelphia Business and Community Association’s first Second Saturday celebration downtown is this Saturday May 13th. The hours are from 5-9pm and it will feature artwork from several high schools in Tuscarawas County.

Mayor’s Report for April 24, 2017

Request to Table Resolution 24-2017 to Allow Time to Correct Misleading Language in the City’s Annual Audited Financial Statements

A paragraph that I’ve learned has been in every annual City audited financial statement since 1999 has caused local lenders to hesitate to offer a loan to fund construction of a new hangar at Harry Clever Field. The paragraph reads: “New Philadelphia Airport and New Philadelphia City School District have been excluded from the accompanying basic financial statements. Both are legally separate from the City. Neither imposes a financial burden nor provides a financial benefit to the City. The City cannot significantly influence the operations of these entities.”
When we began the process of seeking a loan to finance the hangar construction, all the interested lenders said that paragraph was problematic because they interpreted it to mean that the City did not own the airport. Therefore, there was no way to collateralize a loan. During a meeting last week with Citizens Bank, its representative indicated that the paragraph was still making the banks’ underwriters hesitant. As a result, I am asking Council to table Resolution 24-2017. In my opinion, we cannot proceed with the hangar project until corrections are made in the annual financial statement to clearly state that the City does indeed own the airport.
A representative of Rea and Associates, which conducts audits of the City, told me this morning that the troublesome paragraph was apparently written by City officials in 1999 and included in the audited financial statement prepared that year by the State Auditor’s office. And it has been included in every annual financial statement to date. Now that it has been brought to light, I have asked Rea and Associates to issue a letter explaining the error and clarifying the City’s ownership of the airport. I have also asked our airport consultant Michael Baker International, to write a letter documenting that the Federal Aviation Administration considers the City of New Philadelphia as the owner of Harry Clever Field. With these letters in hand, we can then re-bid the project and seek a local lender to provide a construction loan.

Encouraged by the Turnout at the Tusc Talk Event at Welty Auditorium

A reported 200 people attended last Thursday’s Tusc Talk event at the Welty Middle School auditorium. It was encouraging to see that many concerned adults and young people come to learn about the opiate addiction epidemic in our community and to hear ways we can defeat it from Ohio Attorney General Mike Dewine and local law enforcement officials. The City will continue to use its resources from the Health Department, Municipal Court and safety forces to help victims overcome their addictions and arrest and jail drug dealers.

Planting Buckeye Trees in Celebration of Arbor Da

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