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John Knisely Municipal Centre

150 East High Avenue

New Philadelphia, OH 44663

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330-364-4491, ext. 1242

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Service Director

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Safety Director

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Information Desk

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Mayor’s Report for Thursday May 28, 2020

The Long Awaited Opening of the Five Barrel Bullet Brewing Company is Tomorrow

A ribbon-cutting ceremony has been scheduled for 2pm on Friday to mark the official opening of the Five Barrel Bullet Brewing Company on East High Avenue. I look forward to welcoming Five Barrel Bullet to New Philadelphia’s growing business community and wish them much success. If my quick research is correct, It will be the first brewing company to operate in the City since the New Philadelphia Brewing Company closed its factory on South Broadway in 1949.

The Restart Tusc Initiative is Helping Closed Businesses Reopen

A number of small businesses in the county ordered closed in March by Governor Dewine have begun to reopen with the help of the Restart Tusc Initiative. According to Harry Eadon of the Tuscarawas County Economic Development Corporation, local contributors to the effort raised $107,000.00. From that, grants of up to $5000.00 could be given to qualifying small business applicants. The funding rounds were established by the reopening dates and categories determined by the Governor.

In round one, 69 applications were submitted. 17 applications were approved, with the grant awards totaling $41,000.00. In round two, 34 applications were received. They are being evaluated this week. Applications for round three are still being accepted. For more information and to apply for funding, go to the Restart Tusc Facebook page or the website It’s very gratifying to see how local organizations, county government and individuals have partnered to respond to the need to help our small business owners reopen their doors and get up and running again.

RTY Awaits State Inspections of its Tuscora Park Rides and Action by Governor Dewine

Governor Dewine’s deep state budget cuts resulted in the Department of Agriculture furloughing amusement ride inspectors earlier this month. Until those inspectors are back on the job and come to Tuscora Park, RTY cannot open its rides. According to City Parks Superintendent Rod Miller, RTY’s ride supervisor has been told that the inspectors could arrive as early as next week. In the meantime, the City Health Department has been working with RTY to establish social distancing and other COVID-19 related protocols for rider safety. And hopefully soon, Governor Dewine and State Health Director Acton will lift their order to allow amusement parks and rides to operate.

The Coronavirus is still Active in New Philadelphia

Two more positive cases of the coronavirus were reported by the New Philadelphia City Health Department on Tuesday. That brings the total positive cases recorded in the City since April 24th to 116. Of that number, 101 people have recovered, 13 cases are still active and two deaths have occurred from the virus. Throughout the pandemic and public health emergency declarations, Health Commissioner Ionno and her staff have shown the value of New Philadelphia having its own public health department. In my mind our health department has taken a sensible approach to implementing Governor Dewine’s directives, being very conscious of their effect on our citizens and our businesses.

A Few Reminders….

  • The walking track at Woody Hayes Quaker Stadium will reopen on Monday May 30th. Please follow the Health Department’s recommendations for social distancing. The stadium will be closed when its being used for New Philadelphia High School football practices as required by local health and state regulations. Check the signs that have been posted for the hours when the track will be available.
  • If you are in need of new facial coverings, the City Health Department has donated masks available. Thank you to those persons who took the time to make them.
  • City Hall will remain open to the public weekdays from 10am to 2pm through the end of the month. Hopefully the protective glass that has been on back order will be installed next week at the customer counters on the lower level. Once that project is completed, the building hours will return to normal.
  • The Crider Avenue Walking Trail is open from dawn to dusk if you’re looking for a new place to stretch your legs and walk your dog. Please take a bag to clean up Fido’s mess if nature calls along your walk.
  • Please continue to support our local small businesses.
  • If you haven’t responded to the U.S. Census, please do. Your numbers count. Accurate census data helps retain and attract businesses in New Philadelphia. The data is also used to direct federal dollars back to the City to help fund our safety forces and emergency preparedness.

Social distance…wash hands…don’t forget your mask. We are working our way through this…


Report for Monday May 11, 2020

Salute to the Graduating Seniors of 2020

On behalf of all of us in City government and all citizens of New Philadelphia, I want to give our congratulations to the graduating seniors of New Philadelphia High School and Tuscarawas Central Catholic High School. None of us ever imagined that you would end your high school careers this way. But know that the way you adapted and persevered through this pandemic has been an inspiration to all of us. You will always hold a special place in our hearts and in the City’s history. Now as you go forward, be courageous, fearless and kind. Help us make this a better, safer and more loving world.

I want to give a special shout out to the teachers and administrators who have gone above and beyond to help the seniors complete their graduation requirements and continue to educate all students during this public health emergency. To me, you are the unsung heroes of the pandemic.

State Budget Cuts Could Impact City Airport Project

Governor Dewine’s $778 million cut in this fiscal year’s state budget has reduced the budget of the Ohio Department of Transportation’s aviation divisions by $30 million, which in turn threatens funding of PAPI light replacement at Harry Clever Field. PAPI lights are a key safety feature at airports, because they allow pilots of incoming aircraft to make sure they have the proper approach angle for a safe landing. During a telephone conference last week with ODOT-Aviation officials, they indicated that, even though the City’s application for a grant to install new PAPI lights has been approved, there is a chance that it won’t be funded because of the budget cuts. They said a definite answer should come this week.

The Tuscora Park Swimming Pool, Rides, Summer Showcase and the First Town Days Festival

At a meeting last Thursday with City Health Commissioner Vickie Ionno, it was determined that, because of Governor Dewine’s mass gatherings order, the opening of the swimming pool, the Summer Showcase concerts and the First Town Days Festival events would have to be postponed at Tuscora Park until the order is lifted. It will be up to the Governor and State Health Department officials to decide when and if such events can be held.

At about the same time the City learned that the Ohio Department of Agriculture laid off amusement ride inspectors because of Governor Dewine’s state budget cuts. The Park rides cannot be opened without inspections. So, it’s unknown at this time when the rides will be able to open.

Small Businesses can apply to Restart Tusc for Financial Help

If your small business needs financial help to reopen, Restart Tusc is still accepting applications for grant funding. The application is available online at The deadlines to apply follow Governor Dewine’s reopening schedule:

Medical, dental services and veterinary services; Manufacturing, distribution, and construction; Consumer, retail and services: Deadline to apply is May 15

For those small businesses allowed to reopen on May 15th:

Personal care services; Outdoor Dining-Restaurants and bars: Deadline to apply is May 25

For those small businesses allowed to reopen on May 21st

Dine-in service-Restaurants and bars: Deadline to apply is May 25

There will be a third round of applications accepted when Governor Dewine opens up other businesses, especially entertainment venues.  To date, the Restart Tusc initiative has raised over $100,000 to help Tuscarawas County’s small businesses reopen and get back to business.

Reopening of City Hall has been Delayed Until New Glass is Installed at Customer Counters

It’s possible that the John Knisely Municipal Centre (City Hall) will be closed the remainder of the week. High demand for tempered glass has delayed the local vendor’s installation of new windows at the Health Department, Water Office and Income Tax Department customer counters. The installation is necessary for the protection of the public and City employees. We are hopeful that it will take place by Friday. In the meantime, continue to utilize the night deposit slot at City Hall and online payments for water bills and income tax department filings and payments.

Need a Mask? Contact the New Philadelphia City Health Department

If you need a face mask, the City Health Department has had a number of them donated by local seamstresses. Call the Health Department at 330-364-4491 extension 1208 to make arrangements to receive them while City Hall is closed.

As of 1pm today the New Philadelphia City Health Department reported 71 positive cases of COVID-19 in the City. That’s an increase of seven from last Friday. Continue to practice social distancing and the other safety measures that are recommended to slow the spread of the virus. And be patient. All of us are feeling the strain of living through this pandemic.

Mayor’s Report for Monday April 27, 2020

Gradall Industries Sends a Notice of Employee Furloughs due to COVID-19

Today my office received a letter from Gradall stating that “it is possible, but unlikely” that the company’s employee furloughs from February 28th to August 31st of this year may qualify as a mass layoff. Under the federal Workers Adjustment Retraining Act or WARN, the company is required to send such a notice to the City. The letter stated that, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, it had to implement a series of temporary layoffs. The first was voluntary and occurred on February 28th involving 10 union workers. The second was on March 24th and affected an additional 158 union employees and 17 non-bargaining unit employees. On March 31st, 79 of the 158 union employees returned to work. The letter stated that, as of today, 8 more union employees returned to their jobs. The notice also said that the company does not anticipate these layoffs to be permanent and hopes the remaining workers can be recalled as business conditions improve.

How has the Pandemic Shutdown affected the City’s Finances?

The news from Gradall is a clear indication that the coronavirus epidemic has been very costly to our local businesses and our families. By this time next week the Income Tax Department should issue its report on April City income tax collection. And that will be the first true indicator of the financial impact that layoffs and the closing of businesses have had on City finances. In the Central Business District alone 60 small businesses labeled “non-essential” were closed. I don’t know the exact figures but it’s likely that those closings resulted in over 200 employees being laid off. When people aren’t working, no payroll revenue is produced to fund City services.

To counter downturn, I’ve asked department heads to look for ways to cut their budgets by up to twenty percent. It’s likely that very few if any seasonal workers will be hired for City departments this summer. Next week Health Commissioner Ionno, Service Director McAbier, Parks and Recreation Superintendent Miller and myself will meet with RTY and First Town Days Festival officials to discuss the reopening of Tuscora Park and whether social distancing protocols will prohibit large gatherings at the park, including Festival events. It’s very possible that the decisions we make will be unpopular but necessary in order to limit the spread of COVID-19 and reduce costs to the City’s budget.

#Restart Tusc Plan

An initiative is underway to help reopen the closed small businesses in New Philadelphia and across the county. The action plan has been labeled as #Restart Tusc. And as reported in the Times-Reporter, it will allow the closed businesses to apply for a grant of up to $5000.00 and to receive further assistance from an advertising campaign organized by the Tuscarawas County Chamber of Commerce. The #Restart Tusc group is close to reaching its goal of $100,000.00 in contributions to fund the grants. If you own a closed business, or know of one that could use the help, visit the #Restart Tusc Facebook page or contact the Chamber or Tuscarawas Economic Development Corporation.

Business Reopening’s Announced by Governor Dewine

If you missed his Monday press conference, Governor Dewine announced that the following businesses can reopen in the month of May:

  • May 1st – Hospitals can conduct procedures that don’t require overnight stays. Dentists and veterinarians can be fully open.
  • May 4th – Manufacturing, distribution and construction. General office, but work from home if possible.
  • May 12th – Consumer retail and services

Each reopening has restrictions. Go to for details.

Preparing for the Reopening of the John Knisely Municipal Centre

City Health Department Commissioner Vickie Ionno and myself have been working on protocols for the reopening of the John Knisely Municipal Centre a week from today on Monday, May 4th. They include the installation of new windows at the Health Department, Water Office and Income Tax Department customer counters that will shield employees from direct contact with the public. Ropes will be set up in the hallway of the lower level to assure that six foot distancing is maintained at each window. No more than ten members of the public will be allowed to occupy the lower level at City Hall at any given time. Employees and members of the public will be required to wear masks. The building will be open limited hours: from 10am until 2pm weekdays. All City offices can be reached by telephone or email. They will be open their regular business hours, which are 8am until 4:30pm.

To avoid coming into the building, you can still use the night depository slot by the main entrance door for water bill payments or to file your City income tax returns. Water bill and income tax payments can also be paid online. Visit the City’s website at for instructions.

Please be Patient. It was a lot easier to close than to start a reopening

In some respects, the reopening of businesses and the relaxing of COVID-19 restrictions will be more difficult than the closings. There will be confusion and mistakes will be made. I’m asking all New Philadelphians to be patient during this process. We have to encourage each other to do the right thing and to remain calm as the reopening process plays out.

Because of your efforts the curve has been flattened in Ohio. But remember the virus is still active in our community. To have total victory over it, we will have to remain vigilant in practicing social distancing, frequently washing our hands, wearing face masks when in public and disinfecting surfaces and fixtures. We are now on a new path in this journey together.



Mayor’s Report for April 13, 2020

A Third Case Shows the Virus Still Exists in the City

This past Saturday the New Philadelphia City Health Department received the news that a 61-year old City resident had tested positive for COVID-19. He remains hospitalized. Nichole Bache, the Health Department’s Director of Nursing, is determining who may have come in contact with the person. The last reported case in the City was three weeks ago. So this new case shows that the virus is still active in New Philadelphia and that we all must continue to practice social distancing, wash our hands frequently and contact your doctor if you think you may have symptoms of virus infection. As an added measure, the Health Department is encouraging everyone to wear a mask when you think you may have close contact with others, like in a grocery store.

This is a frustrating time for all of us. But I’m hopeful that if we continue to strictly practice these preventive measures, the sooner the “Stay at Home” order and county’s public health emergency will be lifted.

Continue to Support Our Local Businesses

It has been very gratifying to see how those businesses allowed to remain open have adapted to the COVID-19 restrictions placed on them by Governor Dewine and State Health Director Dr. Amy Acton. Most have developed very efficient methods of carry out and delivery of their foods and products. However, I am most concerned about the future of so called “non-essential” businesses that remain closed in our City. Hopefully we have done enough in Tuscarawas County and Ohio to flatten the curve to the point where the restrictions can be eased and the closed small businesses can reopen.

I have contacted mayors, the County Commissioners and county economic development officials asking if it would be possible for the County Improvement Corporation (CIC) to use its resources to develop a recovery plan for the county’s small businesses. I participated in a teleconference call this morning to get things started.

No Disruption of City Services during the COVID-19 Crisis

To date, there has been no disruption of City services during the COVID-19 public health emergency. The City’s workforce is healthy and urged to wear masks when contacting the public and in their workplaces. The use of the drop box outside the entrance to City Hall has proven to be an efficient way for taxpayers to file their City income tax returns and for paying City water bills. Closing the building to the public has given the custodial staff time to deep clean the floors on the lower level and disinfect hallways, offices and restrooms. The John Knisely Municipal Centre will remain closed to the public until Monday May 4th.

Please Call the City Garage if you have a Special Pickup

With people staying at home and spring weather upon us, spring cleaning is no doubt on many “To Do” lists. If you have tree and bush trimmings or more than your usual weekly trash amount, please call the City Garage for a special pickup. The phone number is 330-339-2121. Or you can email General Services clerk Tami Polka at to ask her to schedule your special pickup. Please don’t put your items on curb lawns.

2020 Census forms are in the mail. Complete them online, by telephone or by mail. Remind your family members and friends to do the same. Census data is strictly confidential and helps bring federal tax dollars back to help New Philadelphia.


Mayor’s Report for March 23, 2020

The Tuscarawas County Commissioners Declare a State of Emergency in the County

Today the Tuscarawas County Commissioners adopted a resolution that put the entire county under a State of Emergency. This was done in response to local COVID-19 reports and the recommendations made by New Philadelphia’s Health Commissioner Vickie Ionno, the Tuscarawas County’s Health Commissioner and the director of the County’s Emergency Management Agency. The resolution allows the health departments and the County EMA to exercise all necessary emergency authority for protection of the lives and property of the people of Tuscarawas County and the restoration of local government with a minimum of interruption. Their proclamation coincides with Dr. Amy Acton and Governor Dewine’s Stay at Home order, which goes into effect at 11:59pm tonight (March 23rd) and expires at 11:59pm on April 6th.

COVID-19 Protocols are in place to Maintain City Services

City department heads have put protocols in place to assure that city services can be maintained throughout this health emergency. Employees can be put on staggered work schedules when necessary to minimize person-to-person contact and maintain social distancing. The City Health Department staff has educated all supervisors on the coronavirus and its symptoms. City Human Resources Director Mary Kurtz has disseminated COVID-19 information to all city employees and will keep them updated on a regular basis. 

At City Hall, the custodial staff has been instructed to regularly disinfect all counters, hard surfaces and fixtures like door handles. To pay city water bills or file city income tax returns, all residents and businesses can use the outside night deposit box located on the wall opposite the main entrance door on the west side of the building. 

City Safety Forces COVID-19 Protocols

Fire Chief Parrish and Police Chief Goodwin have implemented protocols to safeguard our safety forces as much as possible.

Chief Parrish has closed the City Fire Department to the public and to visitation by the family members of firefighters. A deposit box has been placed outside the front door of the fire station to receive ambulance bills.

Chief Goodwin has allowed the police station lobby to remain open to the public for the time being. Police officers have been instructed on the precautions they must take in answering calls and making traffic stops during this public health emergency period.

Remember to take care of our Medical Professionals

The medical professionals in our community – those in our health departments, hospitals and clinics – are running on fumes these days. They are stressed, working long hours and no doubt are struggling with the need to also tend to their families. If you know of any, ask them how you can help. Take them meals, volunteer to shop for them or check in on their family members. These are the soldiers on the front line of this war against the Coronavirus. A simple act of kindness can lift them up and give them the energy they need to keep moving forward to win this war.

I want to thank the staff of the New Philadelphia City Health Department for the courage and leadership it has shown throughout this Coronavirus crisis. Their commitment to win this war is inspiring.

The State and City Tax Filing Deadlines are still April 15th

My office and the Income Tax Department have received several calls about the income tax filing deadline. At this point, all State and City income tax returns must be filed and paid by April 15th. The Ohio legislature could take action to change it. You can ask for an extension to file your return but not for payment. Call the City Income Tax Department for more information.

Continue to Support our Local Businesses

I am proud of how New Philadelphians are rallying around our local businesses during this crisis. The resourcefulness of our small business owners has been amazing. We must continue to support them. Call for pickup or delivery. Include restaurant carry out in your weekly meal planning.


We are living in a public health emergency. Our City, our state and our country are at war against a hidden enemy. The Coronavirus is in our community. Don’t be in denial. The key symptoms of virus infection are fever, cough and shortness of breath. If you have these symptoms, contact your doctor or a Teledoc service immediately. You will need a doctor’s permission to be tested. Most importantly, if you feel sick stay home. People could be infected by the virus and not know it until the symptoms appear.

If you’ve lost your job because of a business closing, go to to learn how to file for unemployment benefits. Food assistance information is available by contacting the United Way of Tuscarawas County or the Salvation Army.

Continue to visit the New Philadelphia City Health Department’s Facebook page for the latest updates on the COVID-19 pandemic. The reality is the outbreak may get worse before it gets better.

Practice social distancing, which means keep at least six feet between you and any people around you. Plan to shop for food and supplies once a week. Work from home if you can. If you have to go to work, make sure your workplace has safeguards in place.

Get out in the fresh air. It will lift your spirits. Take a walk around your neighborhood for exercise. Don’t panic. Remain calm and informed. Be strong. Pray: it really helps. If we all do our part, this virus will be defeated soon. We are in this together. We will get through this together.

2020 Census forms are in the mail. Complete them online, by telephone or by mail. Remind your family members and friends to do the same. Census data is strictly confidential and helps bring federal tax dollars back to help New Philadelphia.


Mayor’s Report for March 9, 2020

City Health Department is Ready to Respond to any local Corona Virus Cases

The staff of the New Philadelphia City Health Department is well prepared to respond to any reports of the Coronavirus in our City. Last Thursday Health Commissioner Vickie Ionno attended a coronavirus response summit in Columbus called by Governor DeWine. The Governor’s administration is doing a good job of making sure there is tight coordination between the Ohio Department of Health and local health departments in the statewide effort to minimize a virus outbreak in Ohio. Please visit the City Health Department’s Facebook page to learn the latest news on the virus and the measures you can take to prevent its spread.

The Legacy of Gary Petricola

New Philadelphia, and communities across Tuscarawas County, are mourning the passing of Gary Petricola and remembering his efforts to improve and promote our county. Gary gave me the opportunity to work for WJER in the late 80’s and early 90’s as host of the Cable TV-2 morning show. From that experience I saw, firsthand, that his vision, and mission in life, was to truly make WJER “The Voice of the Valley”. He was the first local media owner to combine the use of radio, television and the print media to disseminate news, broadcast ballgames, promote events and advertise businesses across the county. The WJER family of employees is large and includes many persons who went on to gain key leadership positions in Tuscarawas County. His legacy will be the vision, and his deep love of our community, that he shared with all of us. 

The Canton City Water Department Helps with the Repair of a Major Water Main Break

I want to publicly thank Canton City Water Department Superintendent Tyler Converse and four of his employees who recently helped our water department repair a major water main break on the southside of New Philadelphia. 

On the morning of February 20th, a break was discovered in the twelve inch water main that runs under US Route 250 to Blake Avenue SE. Because of that location, New Philadelphia Service Director Ron McAbier recognized that the fix required equipment that we did not have on hand. So he called his long-time friend Joe Carbenia in Canton’s water department to ask if it had mechanical pipe cutters available. The answer was yes. So Mr. McAbier drove to the Canton department to borrow them. Once he explained the complexity of the break to Canton Superintendent Converse, without hesitation he sent Mr. Carbenia and three other crew members to assist our water department with the repair. 

Had it not been for the Canton crew’s expertise and the equipment they brought with them, the repair would have been much more difficult for us to complete. I am writing a letter of thanks to Canton Mayor Tom Bernabi, Superintendent Converse and his crew members with a statement that our city is extremely grateful for their assistance and ready to return the favor at any time.

Garrett Davis is Sworn In as a new Fire Department Firefighter/Paramedic

A new firefighter/paramedic has joined the ranks of the New Philadelphia Fire Department. On March 2nd, I gave the oath of office to Garret Davis, who lives in the Carrollton area and most recently served with the Steubenville fire department. He fills a vacancy that resulted from another firefighter resigning to work closer to home. Our fire department staffing is now back to full strength. 

The 2020 Census begins soon. Be ready to fill out the simple questionnaire. Census data is strictly confidential and helps bring federal tax dollars back to help New Philadelphia.

Mayor’s Report for February 24, 2020

Work continues to finalize the New Philadelphia Bicycle and Pedestrian Connectivity Plan

A final public meeting was held last week to gather feedback on the plan being developed to construct bicycle and pedestrian trails throughout New Philadelphia. The connectivity plan would have the City’s pathways join trails being developed from the south from Tuscarawas and Uhrichsville and from the north from Dover and the Ohio and Erie Canal Towpath Trail. Envision, the Akron company hired to develop the plan, will incorporate the data gathered last Tuesday into a final version, which is expected to be finished by the end of next month. Once the plan is ready to publish it will be posted on the City’s website. The next step will be to focus on one section of trail and seek funding to get it constructed.

Crafting a New Contract for Harry Clever Field’s Fixed Base Operator

Only one Request for Proposal was received by the City in the search for a Fixed Base Operator for Harry Clever Field. The lone proposal came from Professional Aviation Municipal Management Group, Inc., the airport’s current FBO. The City is now negotiating the terms of a new contract with ProAv so it can continue to conduct the operation of the airport.

A Reminder to Use your City Health Department

Because of the recent outbreak of flu raising concerns, I want to remind New Philadelphia residents that our City Health Department is always ready to help answer your questions and give advice on how to avoid getting the flu and other wintertime illnesses. The New Philadelphia Health Department has flu shots available. Walk in any time between 8am and Noon, and 1pm to 4pm Monday through Friday. If you do come down with the flu or other illnesses, don’t hesitate to call our Health Department for advice on how to recover from it. The City Health Department is located on the lower level of City Hall at 150 East High Avenue. Use the main entrance on the west side of the building and go down the stairs to the lower level. To call our Health Department, dial 330-364-4491 extension 1208.

City Planning Commission Learns of the NP District’s Plans for New Schools

Members of the City Planning Commission now have a better understanding of the City School District’s desire to locate schools on one campus at the Oak Shadows Golf Course location. Superintendent David Brand and members of the GPD group, the district’s design consultants, presented their preliminary plan to the Planning Commission at its February 11th monthly meeting. The presenters explained that the plans can’t be finalized until a bond issue is approved to pay for construction of new schools. If that occurs, the Commission will deal with the schools construction as it does with any new development in the City. Issues involving connections to city services, the use of streets and traffic flow, and security will all be addressed. I am pleased that Superintendent Brand and his team accepted the offer to make a similar presentation tonight to City Council members.

Whenever new schools are built, the City should be a strong partner with the district to assure that the schools’ construction enhances our City, meets academic needs well into the future and strengthens New Philadelphia’s position as the center for learning in Tuscarawas County. I enjoy reminding people that, only in New Philadelphia can your child be educated from pre-school through high school, graduate with a skills certificate from Buckeye Career Center or a degree from Kent State-Tuscarawas and be ready to enter the workforce without ever having to leave the city limits. That’s a huge advantage New Philadelphia has over surrounding communities in Eastern Ohio. It’s an advantage we should improve upon at every opportunity for our kids.

Mayor’s Report for February 10, 2020

Tuscora Park Foundation Clean Ohio Grant Application is Finally Approved

This past Thursday, the Ohio Public Works Commission District Natural Resources Assistance Council approved the Tuscora Park Foundation’s application for a Clean Ohio grant to begin construction of phase one of the Southside Community Park. The grant award was reduced from its original amount of $2.2 million dollars to $1.4 million dollars to take into account the required shortening of a new entrance road into the park and a reappraisal of the park’s conservation easement being transferred from the City to the Foundation. But before the money will be released by the OPWC to begin construction, a bench review of the reappraisal has to be conducted as well as the certification of City matching funds. Once these final hurdles are cleared, construction will get underway. Barring any other obstacles, the completion of phase one – which includes a new entrance road off of Oldtown Valley Road, a dog park, pollinator garden and trail with pedestrian bridges – should come by the end of the year. Phase one does not include construction of additional ballfields.

JobsOhio and TeamNEO Partners with the City to find a new use for the Howden Buffalo Property

Also last Thursday, Service Director McAbier, Building and Zoning Code Administrator Scolati and myself traveled to Columbus to meet with officials from JobsOhio and TeamNEO (Northeast Ohio) to learn how they could help the City find a buyer and a new use of the vacant Howden Buffalo plant. Officials from Hull Environmental of Dublin were also invited by JobsOhio to attend the meeting. As a result, they committed to dig deeper to determine the shortfalls of the property and construct a plan to develop more interest in it. I am grateful to Glenda Bumgarner of JobsOhio and Shawn Starlin of TeamNEO for their interest in helping New Philadelphia. We will meet again in six weeks to learn the results of the research and the next steps that need to be taken in the development plan.

Downtown Design Standards Review Board Organizes to Begin its Work

I’m asking Council to confirm my appointments to the Downtown Design Standards Board of Review as soon as possible so that the board’s work can officially get underway. The members met again last week to elect officers – Noel Poirier is the chairman and Kathy Pietro vice-chairman – and review the design standards adopted by the cities of Wooster and Zanesville to get ideas of what downtown New Philadelphia’s standards should be. The members also discussed ways to inform downtown property and business owners that the board intends to help them be successful while encouraging storefront design improvements.

The Newly Renovated County Public Library is a Huge Asset to Our Community

If you haven’t already, please take the time to tour the newly renovated Tuscarawas County Main Public Library on Fair Avenue NW. The new design and technology in the library makes it one of the finest public libraries in Eastern Ohio and assures that it will serve as a center for knowledge and a comfortable gathering place for our community for years to come. At its recent grand reopening I was excited to see the new technology for using library resources and for making group presentations. The children’s department also has a fresh new look and design. This past Saturday I was invited to sit in the new second floor presentation area and read a book named “Llama Llama Red Pajamas” to a group of children with a real, live llama named Rusty standing beside me.  So there’s no end to the special events that can now happen at the library for kids, adults and llamas alike!

Congratulations to Cleveland Clinic Union Hospital!

The City of New Philadelphia congratulates Cleveland Clinic Union Hospital for receiving a 5-Star rating from the federal government’s Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. It’s the highest possible rating in the CMS ranking system. We are so fortunate that CEO Bruce James and his administration, and the hospital’s professional and support staffs are committed to providing the finest quality healthcare possible to the members of our community.



Mayor’s Report for January 27, 2020

Downtown Design Standards Review Board Holds its Initial Meeting

Last week the members of the Downtown Design Standards Review Board gathered in my office to be introduced and discuss the board’s purpose as described in Chapter 1333 of the City’s Codified Ordinances. The members are Jen Contini-Cunningham, a nationally recognized artist and the manager of Love’s Gallery; Gary Lawver, a local builder and developer; Erika Metzger, a local designer and marketing expert with Sourdough LLC; Kathy Pietro, a downtown property and business owner and a local developer and Noel Poirier, the executive director of the Age of Steam Roundhouse Museum in Sugarcreek. His historical preservation experience includes work with the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation and Historic Bethlehem Partnership. Before the work of the board can officially get underway Chapter 1333 requires that the members be approved by City Council. I will send brief biographies of each member to Council members to review and ask for their formal approval during Council’s February 10th meeting. The board members selected the first Wednesday of the month at 7:30 am as the Downtown Design Standards Review Board’s regular meeting date. The meetings will be held in the Service Director’s third floor conference room at City Hall.

Friday is the Deadline for Submitting RFP’s to become the Airport’s Fixed Base Operator

As a reminder, this Friday January 31st is the deadline for submitting a Request for Proposal (RFP) to become the Fixed Base Operator (FBO) at Harry Clever Field. All RFPs should be sent to Service Director McAbier’s attention. The City’s Airport Commission will then assist the Administration in reviewing the RFPs and selecting a Fixed Base Operator for Harry Clever Field.

The Akron Canton Regional Airport Sets its Five Year Goals

In order to learn where Harry Clever Field fits into the regional aviation picture, Service Director McAbier, City airport liaison Jeff Erb and myself attended Friday’s press conference to learn about the Akron Canton Airport’s five-year plan. CEO Ren Camacho said the plan will focus on strengthening the airport’s partnerships with its current airlines and foster growth opportunities to attract new airlines. He said a new restaurant that overlooks the airfield will be built and said a business development manager will be hired to expand the air freight business at the airport. The number of people using Akron-Canton has been trending downward. The information we learned will help the City make improvements at Harry Clever Field that keep our existing based aircraft and expand our flight services.

Ohio First Lady Fran Dewine Launches the County’s Imagination Library Program

The Ohio Governor’s Imagination Library program was officially opened in Tuscarawas County today (Monday) by First Lady Fran Dewine. During her remarks at the Tuscarawas County Main Library Ohio’s First Lady thanked the local organizations and individuals who reacted quickly to support the reading program, which is modeled after Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library. The goal of the Imagination Libraries is to foster an early love for reading and prepare children for kindergarten. Every child under five years old in our county who is enrolled will receive a book to read each month. You can enroll a child online at or contact The United Way of Tuscarawas County, which is coordinating and managing the local program.

Tuscora Park Foundation’s Annual Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser is on February 15th

The Tuscora Park Foundation’s Board of Trustees will have its annual Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser on Saturday February 15th to raise money to help fund the dog park included in the first phase of the Southside Community Park construction. The Phase One state grant funding that the board has applied for will only cover the cost of fencing and waste disposal at the dog park. Other items needed are water fountains, benches, and agility or exercise equipment. The pancake breakfast will be held at Tuscora Park from 7am until 11am. Tickets are five dollars and are available in advance from any Foundation Board member or at the Mayor’s office. The Foundation Board has set the dog park, as well as new basketball courts and restrooms on Maloney Drive at Tuscora Park as its top funding priorities for the next two years. Visit the Foundation’s website at for more information and to donate to its projects.



Mayor’s Report for January 13, 2020

Cemetery Board Selects the Name for the City’s New Cemetery

At its monthly meeting last Thursday, the City Cemetery Board selected “Schoenbrunn Meadow Cemetery” as the new name for the cemetery under construction on Delaware Drive SE. Work on the cemetery will resume in the spring when the weather breaks. If all goes as planned, the new office building and maintenance garage will be finished, and we will be ready to begin selling lots and cremation niches by late August or early September.

The City seeks Proposals to become the Fixed Base Operator at Harry Clever Field

Requests for Proposals (RFPs) have been issued to field responses from persons or companies interested in managing Harry Clever Field as a Fixed Base Operator (FBO). Those interested should contact City Service Director Ron McAbier or download the RFP from the City’s website at The City’s contract with the current airport FBO expires next month. It’s been 20 years since the City advertised the FBO position.

Meeting with State Development Officials about the Howden Buffalo Property

On February 6th I will be traveling to Columbus to meet with State Representative Brett Hillyer, officials from JobsOhio and members of Team Northeast Ohio. We will discuss the shortcomings of the Howden Buffalo property, how to make developers more aware of it and the potential it holds for redevelopment. There are financial and job training incentives that could be provided by JobsOhio. The regional data analysis done by TeamNEO can give us an idea of why the 13 acre site remains unsold. Like me, Representative Hillyer is frustrated by the fact that several persons had shown interest in the property, but no purchase offers made that we are aware of.

Progress is being made in Addressing Eyesore Properties in the City

A report issued by Zoning and Building Code Administrator Mike Scolati showed that, over the past four years, the City foreclosed on six properties: four of them went up for auction and two were demolished. The total amount of foreclosure fees reimbursed to the City by the County was $16,013.00. The report also showed that, last year, 18 demolition permits filed by property owners were approved and 96 letters were sent to property owners who faced violations for high grass, property cleanup, and a lack of building permits. Administrator Scolati stated in his report that City Council’s adoption of the International Property Maintenance Code has allowed his office to more effectively enforce property conditions and violations.

2020 Brings More Improvements to Cleveland Clinic Union Hospital

At last week’s Community Relations Committee meeting, I learned that Cleveland Clinic Union Hospital will continue to add new providers and services to its medical offices in 2020. A major computer upgrade will continue this year as well as major steps forward in the integration of the hospital into the Cleveland Clinic healthcare system. In addition, Cleveland Clinic’s acquisition of or merger with Mercy Hospital in Canton should be completed by July of this year. And hospital officials are exploring the development of an Orthopedic First Care Clinic in the New Philadelphia - Dover area, and will work to grow the hospital’s cardiology presence in the region.



Mayor’s Report for December 23, 2019

If You Haven’t Notified NPPD of your Vehicle Being Vandalized, Do So ASAP

New Philadelphia Police are continuing to investigate the weekend vandalism of nearly 50 vehicles in the City. Two teenagers have confessed to driving around town to smash the side view mirrors on the vehicles. But before charges can be filed, the department needs to make sure all owners of the vandalized vehicles have filed police reports. Contact Officer Tessa Pohovey if you haven’t. If the damage total exceeds one thousand dollars, the teens could face felony charges.

Honoring James and Lisa Lam and Lam’s Oriental Cuisine

James and Lisa Lam will be ending nearly four decades in the restaurant business when they close Lam’s Oriental Cuisine on December 31st. The Lam’s business brought people from far and wide to New Philadelphia to enjoy their food and hospitality. Recently I presented them with a proclamation declaring December 31st as the “James and Lisa Lam and Lam’s Oriental Cuisine Appreciation Day” in the City. We wish them all the best in their retirement.

2019 was Another Year of Growth for the City of New Philadelphia

The long awaited opening of Menard’s, the State Route 416 paving project and the opening of the Kent State-Tuscarawas gateway roadway were just a few of the events that highlighted the growth of New Philadelphia in 2019. The artistic movement in the downtown area continued with new murals, the parklet on South Broadway and the opening of Alley Cats Marketplace and The Gift Shop. Using state grant money, construction of boat ramps at the Waterworks Fields Park and on State Route 416 restored the Tuscarawas River as a recreational asset that will have economic as well as lifestyle benefits. But we also had our share of challenges. The rupture of the fourteen inch water main that supplies City reservoirs was a clear warning that it’s time to invest in upgrading the City’s water distribution system. Many employers had a difficult time filling job openings. The opiate addiction rate dropped but the abuse of the equally deadly methamphetamine increased. Those challenges will continue into the New Year. However, because we are a City that relies on the strength of its residents and businesses, and because my Administration and City Council members are committed to moving the City forward, I am confident that 2020 will be another year of positive growth for New Philadelphia. I’m really looking forward to it. And I hope you are too.

Presenting Retiring City Council President Sam Hitchcock with a Key to the City

Tonight (Monday) is the final Council meeting presided over by President Sam Hitchcock. He has shown exemplary leadership during his tenure as Council president. Often I relied on his experience and wisdom to gain the support of Council. But more importantly we developed a friendship that is ever lasting. While this is a sad occasion, it is also a time to celebrate Sam Hitchcock’s contributions to City government and his love of New Philadelphia. To show the City’s appreciation of his service to our local government, I would like to present President Hitchcock with this Key to the City plaque and wish him well in his retirement on behalf of all New Philadelphians.


Mayor’s Report for December 9, 2019

Discussing Future Projects at Harry Clever Field with the FAA

Recently I participated in a teleconference with Federal Aviation Administration officials in its Detroit office to discuss future projects for Harry Clever Field. At the top of the list was the relocation of the runway taxiways to meet FAA standards. We also discussed replacement of the airport beacon light and the acquisition of property that would allow expansion of airport amenities and services. We have this conversation with the FAA-Detroit officials on an annual basis so they know what grant funding requests could be coming from the City over the next five years.

New Philadelphia is the Target Area for an Ohio Dept of Health Tobacco Study

Because our City has the greatest population in Tuscarawas County, it has been selected by the Ohio Department of Health as the target area for an ODH grant to fund a local anti-tobacco campaign. The county Anti-Drug Coalition’s tobacco subcommittee is spearheading the effort, which hopes to decrease accessibility and availability of tobacco products to youth, as well as educate youth, parents and organizations on the harms of tobacco, especially vaping products. The New Philadelphia Health Department will oversee the subcommittee’s work and offer advice when necessary.

Thank you to the NPBCA for putting us in the Holiday Spirit

Thanks to the work of interim director Rick Arredondo, the board of directors and members of the New Philadelphia Business and Community Association, the Downtown Lighting Ceremony and Christmas Parade returned the Spirit of Christmas to our town. Both events drew large crowds and showcased the musical and artistic talent that is alive and well in New Philadelphia. If you have Christmas shopping yet to do, please do it locally. We support each other by supporting our local businesses. Remember those in need this holiday season. Don’t forget that McInturf Realty’s Christmas in the Park is coming up on Sunday December 15th from 4pm – 8pm at Tuscora Park.

The First Step to Utilize Broadband Technologies to Manage and Deliver City Services

I would now like to yield the remainder of my Mayor’s Report time to Carl Hoffmann of Horizon Networks and James West of Pioneer 360. They are going to explain the agreement the City has reached with Horizon to connect all municipal buildings with fiber optic cable. They will also describe how the broadband fiber connections between our buildings will increase productivity, eliminate unnecessary computer hardware and raise the level of security across the network. The new fiber network will also open the door for the possibility of putting an Internet Wi-Fi cloud over the downtown area and for the City to utilize technologies that require high speed broadband connections. The cost to the City will be about what is paid now for just Internet service to all of the municipal buildings. Horizon has agreed to bear the expense of building the new fiber network, because it will help them to offer their services to New Philadelphia businesses and residents.

Mr. Hoffmann and Mr. West, thank you for being here. You now have the floor…


Mayor’s Report for November 25, 2019

Fee Increases are adopted for Food Service and Retail Food Operations

The City Board of Health has adopted fee increases for food service operations, retail food establishments and plan reviews. The new fees go into effect on December 1st. They reflect the increased administrative costs to the department. The fees vary depending upon the type of business and the scope of plan reviews. For more information, contact Environmental Health Director Lee Finley at the Health Department.

City Cemetery Board Ponders the Name of the City’s New Cemetery

What to name the new cemetery? That is the next task for the City Cemetery Board now that the new City cemetery on Delaware Drive SE is under construction. Board members have been asked to come up with suggestions and bring them to the board’s December 12th monthly meeting. Two City cemeteries were named after their locations: Fair Avenue and East Avenue. Evergreen cemetery used to belong to Goshen Township. Naming the new cemetery may seem like a mundane task, until you realize that the name will outlive all of us. Email me at if you have a suggestion.

Further Assessment is needed at Two Brownfield Sites in the City

The City is seeking a Federal EPA grant to further assess the environmental issues at two sites on Mill Avenue SW: at the former Puritan Laundry location and the vacant Howden Buffalo plant. Service Director McAbier and I are working with Trina Woodland of the Ohio Mid-Eastern Governments Association on an application for a Brownfield Assessment Grant. For the Puritan Laundry site, the grant would help determine what it will take to restore the property’s value for commercial development. For the Howden site, the grant would assess the current state of its environmental remediation and assess the need for asbestos remediation in the older buildings. Both sites are in key locations in the City. These issues stand in the way of their redevelopment.

The Importance of Shopping Locally this Holiday Season

Rob McCullough, the owner of Crete Clothing, put it best in his recent Facebook post: “Purchasing local helps grow other businesses as well as our region's tax base. Whether you realize it or not, when you shop local you are individually stimulating the local economy with your support and in turn, helping shape your community's unique character and personality.” Supporting our local businesses puts food on the table for the families of owners and employees. It provides the tax revenue necessary to keep our City safe, well maintained and attractive. When you shop locally you’re helping our town and our residents, as well as our businesses. Let’s take care of each other by shopping together this holiday season.

Give Thanks for Living in a Caring Community

The sights and sounds of last Friday’s annual City Christmas Lighting Ceremony was a reminder of what a blessing it is to live in New Philadelphia. The event again revealed the faithfulness and talent that exists in our community. We have our share of problems. But there is still much to celebrate and be thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving New Philadelphia. As a reminder, City Hall will be closed on Friday November 29th.

Santa Claus is coming to Town

Before his appearance in the City’s annual Christmas Parade, Santa Claus will make a special stop at his house on the downtown Courthouse quadrant on Saturday November 30th from 10am to Noon. The parade is Friday December 6th. It starts at 6:30 pm at Tuscora Park. And letters to Santa can now be mailed to the North Pole from his mailbox beside his house.

Mayor’s Report for November 11, 2019

New ISO PPC Rating Should Lower Fire Insurance Premiums

The Insurance Services Offices Incorporated, commonly called ISO, recently analyzed the City’s fire protection services using the benchmarks of its Public Protection Classification or PPC. The result was an improved rating from a Class 3 to a Class 2. Continued improvements in firefighting procedures, training, and upgrading of equipment and facilities as well as adding 6 additional Firefighter/Paramedics made a measurable difference for New Philadelphia. Data provided by Water Department Superintendent Scott DeVault also contributed to the PPC upgrade. According to ISO, the higher classification should secure lower fire insurance premiums because of the better protection. Inform your insurance agent of the change. The higher rating also helps to keep and attract businesses to New Philadelphia. This could not have been possible without the commitments by Safety Director Popham, Fire Chief Parrish and City Council to provide our community with the best fire protection possible.

Sacred Heart Parrish opens its new Fair Avenue Parish Center

The congregation of Sacred Heart Parish is celebrating the opening of its new Parish Center on Fair Avenue NE. The facility was built on the site of the former Sacred Heart Elementary School. The Parish Center will help to expand Sacred Heart’s service to the congregation and the community. It is a very nice improvement to the downtown area. The City’s Master Plan that is in development has identified our downtown churches as being key assets to our City.

Staff Works to Improve Public Communication during Emergencies

My Executive Assistant Mary Ann Otte is leading the effort to improve the way the City will disseminate information to the public in emergency situations. At last week’s administrative staff meeting, department heads identified our messaging as the weak link in the response to the recent water main break. Improvements will be made to assure that, in emergencies, our information to the public is accurate and concise, and delivered in a timely manner.

Time to get into the Holiday Spirit

The City’s annual Holiday Downtown Lighting Ceremony will be on Friday November 22nd at 6pm on the gazebo quadrant. Musical entertainment will be provided by the Central Elementary third and fourth graders, the Broadway Methodist Church choir and the Kent State Tuscarawas University choir. Storyteller Nancy DeFlippo will read “The Night Before Christmas”. And downtown merchants and restaurants will have special offers for the occasion. The City’s annual Christmas parade will be held on Friday December 6th. It will step off on North Broadway at Tuscora Park at 6:30pm.

Congratulations to the Returning Elected Officials

I would like to congratulate Auditor Beth Gundy, Council members Dean Holland, Aimee May and Kelly Ricklic and Law Director Marvin Fete for being re-elected to their positions. It is gratifying to know that we can continue to work together to assure that New Philadelphia remains as Tuscarawas County’s leading city and a great, family-oriented community.

Mayor’s Report for October 28, 2019

Proud of the City Work Force Response to the Major Water Main Break

The commitment, talent and work ethic shown last week by our City employees and supervisors made me very proud to be the mayor of this City and grateful that they are working for the people and businesses of New Philadelphia. Had they not responded quickly to last Thursday’s rupture of the 14 inch water main that feeds City reservoirs, the water emergency could have been worse. Also I can’t give enough praise to R.A. Watson Excavating, for bringing its track hoe and the personnel necessary to help us locate the rupture, dig 14 feet to get to it and make the proper repair. I also thank Councilman Ricklic for his help by sharing his knowledge of our water distribution system. The teamwork shown by all involved was impressive.

The staff of the City Health Department also did a great job of responding to the emergency. State Health Department guidelines were followed, including those that required restaurants in the City to close as a precautionary measure. Testing of the water following the break showed no contamination in the distribution system.

One area we have to work on in our response to emergencies is getting out accurate information in a timely fashion. I have asked our department heads to review their response and communication protocols and bring ideas on how we can improve them to our monthly staff meeting in November.

Ohio EPA Completes a Sanitary Survey of the City’s Water System

It was ironic that the day before the water main break, I received the results of the Ohio EPA’s recent survey of the City’s public water system. The survey found no violations of Ohio safe drinking water laws or rules. However it did reveal that 90% of the water mains and valves in the system are more than 30 years old. Additionally, our water wells date back to 1921, 1966, 1967 and 1980. The OEPA recommended that the City should begin planning for necessary upgrades and replacements.

Be Alert at Street Crossings during Tomorrow’s Trick or Treat Night

The City’s annual Trick or Treat Night is Tues., Oct. 29 from 6pm until 8pm. If you would like the kids to come to your door, leave the porch light on. Motorists, please exercise caution at intersections during those hours. City police will be patrolling the neighborhoods. Some of the officers will be passing out candy. If you have any incidents, don’t hesitate to inform them.

Talks Begin Regarding Future Fire Protection for Goshen Township

At the request of both sides, Fire Chief Parrish and I have opened discussions with the Goshen Township Board of Trustees regarding the City’s ability to provide fire protection to the township beyond the current contract. The City’s contract with the township expires in 2021. The fire and EMS service study conducted last year by Emergency Services Consulting International showed a wide disparity between what New Philadelphia and Goshen Township pay for fire protection. A chart on page 149 of the study shows that New Philadelphia pays $195.32 per capita (per person) and Goshen Township $23.08 per capita. Our discussions are centered on finding ways to close that gap and meet the future costs of providing fire protection to the township.

Go Quakers!!!! Beat Dover !!!

Friday night’s Philly-Dover game at Crater Stadium could be another classic. Our undefeated Quakers are ranked number one by the Associated Press among Ohio’s Division Three high school teams. And they’ve already clinched a post-season playoff spot. The Tornadoes, on the other hand, will probably have to win in order to qualify for the playoffs. According to Quakers’ head coach Matt Dennison, in their past eight meetings, five of those games were decided by who had the last possession of the football. This could be another one!

There are several community events this week leading up to Friday night’s contest. Thursday at New Philadelphia High School the annual Community Spaghetti Dinner begins at 5pm, followed by the Community Pep Rally a

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